Monday, 20 February 2012

Running for a cause

Let's not pretend I am superhuman, running 50km is very difficult. Running 50kms over hills while navigating through flooded subways and twisty trails is even harder.

But I did it.

It was very hard, extremely taxing on the body and took a good six months out of my life. Why did I do it? Because I can. Because life is a gift full of blue skies to run under and frosty grass to run over. Because I grew up without a personal threat of harm through torture, persecution and victimisation.

And that has to be cause for celebration. How best to celebrate that? By taking myself out of my comfort zone, by doing something challenging and using Freedom From Torture as a great motivation for every early morning wake up call, late night run and every footstep further.

Thanks to the clients, staff, volunteers and supporters for being such a great reason to run. When you think about all that has been experienced by a survivor of torture, 50km doesn't seem like such a big deal.

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