Tuesday, 21 February 2012


So I finished the Ultra - but in what condition?

Nothing I'd call an injury. My hips, specifically my hip flexors, hurt like crazy. They were the thing that held me back on those last and unnecessary kilometres. I hadn't experienced this before and figured it was from the hills.

I'd been craving salt (yes I even licked some off my arm at some point) and my toes were cramping, again a new experience. I'd fuelled ok, hydrated well and couldn't complain really.

But yes - everything hurt. Every single thing hurt. And it was going to hurt much more!

There was a half mile walk to the train station, and I didn't have enough warm clothes or spirit for a quick walk.

And I can tell you that I never wanted to do a long run again, not a marathon not a 50km - nothing. I felt broken in spirit and body and mind.

The next day everything below my ears hurt! My neck and back hurt from where my core packed it in, and I had huddled over my self,. My right foot, hip and knee was sore and the inflammation around the knee from my IT band was severe. I still didn't want to run distance again but I felt that I had lots to learn before tackling this kind of event again like hill running and trail running.

But by today (Tuesday) I'm feeling ready to run again, thanks to some ice packs, cold water showering and a good two hours of acupuncture, pilates and osteo. And I'm ready to start looking at what distance I might do in Davos...

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