Friday, 10 February 2012

Last half

Tomorrow marks my last half marathon before winding down before the big day. I'm hoping it's not too icy round the flyovers as I am going to tackle the hills at 9am, the same time as I will be heading out next Sunday.

Feeling pretty good. Naturally you always focus on something that you wished you'd done better in training. I'm wishing I did more pilates and that I did even 5km the day after the marathon run. I don't know why, we all need to fixate on something during taper

Last night I checked all my maps and feel good about navigating. I've also identified the 10km marker checkpoints at which there is cake. I repeat, cake.

Next week I am going to have to work really hard to focus on nutrition and hydration as it's a busy week at work. Perhaps I'll be lucky enough to recruit some supportive people in my team to always nudge me to a glass of water and a jacket potato!

I also have to cover my maps in contact. And I need to find out what you call contact in this country. (It's the plastic adhesive you put on school books). I've got to buy a new ear warmer, write my kit list, book a taxi to the start, write my eating plans, write my visualisations and mantra. And breathe.

But first, a final half.

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  1. Yumm...cake. I would run for cake. :) Enjoy the taper! It's hard, I know but you'll do great!