Saturday, 25 February 2012

Post ultra reflections

Okay so you know how I finished London Ultra and said I would never run again. Ever. Well that was Sunday and Monday morning.

And then by Tuesday morning, with the body feeling fine, I seemed to have forgotten the pain that existed in every fibre of my body.

But these are some things I have to learn or want to incorporate in my running:
1. Life first, then running: I put a lot of things on hold to train, mostly because I had a much shorter training plan than I would have liked. So I'd like running to be part of my life but not something that everything has to stop for.
2. Maintaining a level of running ability. The last three years, I trained for a marathon, crawled over the finish line and never ran again. This time I am not going to do that.
3. Less canals, more hills. Hills happen. I need to get over them.
4. More trails. Running in nature makes me happy - there's so much to look at. Farewell Edgeware Rd to Colindale.

So now I just need to work out, when to start running again and how much. I tried 3km the other day and ended up with 2.8km of slow motion like a lead robot! I'm running 5km with Chrissie Wellington tomorrow. At least I'll be smiling for that!

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