Monday, 6 February 2012

Because you can't, you won't and you don't stop

Or more to the point, you shouldn't stop.

I have just come back from my amazing pilates / osteo / acupuncturing guru where I thought I would be told I had plantar fascia, or some other awful thing that would stop me running ever again. Fortunately I don't.

I have, it seems, quite the opposite. I need to get out and run more, do a gentle runstreak. It seems the shock of stopping running quite suddenly albeit for four days, has brought all the inflammation and trauma caused by running to top of my skin and the pingiest part of my nerve endings. And I am so pumped full of adrenalin I can't sleep. And my inflammation is kicking in during the early hours of the morning. And my feet are bruised because my capillaries are broken from the running and my body can and will demonstrate all that now I'm not running.

So apparently the trick is (after a good bout of stretching, massage and pilates) to ice the already broken bits and keep my body thinking I am running by running.

So I'm off to hopefully get my first decent night's sleep in week or so and then tomorrow let's hit the road again.

Because I can't, I won't and I shouldn't stop.

Thank you Beastie Boys

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