Lifesaving people

The people who keep me held together and in one piece. Not emotionally. Not the private stuff like therapists and partners and things mum said and all that. The medically trained folk who help you realise what to do with the great thing called a body. 

Pilates and osteopathy and acupuncture: the wonderful Galina"I started to see Galina in 2008. I wanted to learn about getting better posture as my shoulders are quite slumped. What I learned about was so much more: how the body is all connected, how my core affected how I walked, how I walked affected my neck and all via an hourly pilates group class above a pub in Walthamstow. Even after I moved to Battersea, Raynes Park and Willesden Green, I still commuted to this wonderful class. With everything I learned from Galina's weekly  pilate sessions I became stronger and gained confidence about what I could do with my body. So much so, that a year later I completed a marathon - running most of the way and injury free! I've now completed two marathons, with pilates being the key part of my training. I've also used Galina as an osteopath during my training - and the advice I've learned in these one-to-one sessions is just as good as the treatment I received. When I've really needed it, I've also had acupuncture - a real achievement for me as I am scared of needles. She has an amazingly holistic view of the body and mind and provided you're willing to listen and follow her advice, a better life will certainly follow. Unfortunately Galina is out towards Greenwich but I still go post marathon and after heavy training. As a normal person I've also learned a lot that stopped me getting knee pains from a repeat dislocation from lax ligaments. 

The Running School: they teach you how to run. This will be seen as an expensive indulgence for many runners, myself included. But I got a great deal at a show (six sessions for the price of eight) and splashed out as I wanted to cure any flapping arms and gain efficiency with an ultra in the year ahead. If you're going to do biomechanical analysis, do it properly I say. Don't do a free session or go to Adidas and then think you know how to fix it because you  don't. I know this because it took me 10 sessions and several different people from The Running School saying things different ways until I thought "ah I get it, now I need to do it." They are good and patient people with some excellent instructors and a scary as hell treadmill. You do need to do the homework and practise running in the real world in between sessions so as to make sure you can go back each visit with questions or things you've tried. They taught me to discover my glutes. Never has my backside been so examined. 

My triathlon gurus: (more about these guys to come)
Swim for Tri
Triathlon coaching