Wednesday, 29 February 2012

It's Wednesday so that must be Ironman

Yesterday three Ironman training guides seemed to have made their way into my Amazon order. I blame Chrissie Wellington and the Amazon One Click service. Don Fink's Iron Fit has made it into my commute bag and with the Jubilee and Met lines being down on my last three commutes, I've had ample reading time.

Mr Fink recommends getting a calendar right now and putting training dates in. (He has little active challenges peppered through the book to get you doing stuff). So as soon as I got home, I made a little month by month excel calendar through to the end of 2013 and I started collecting Ironman dates for 2012 as a rough guide. Hey, it's just a paper exercise right? Then I notice that Lanzarote (my preferred warm, cheap racing destination) has races in May near my birthday and lo and behold my 38th birthday weekend would be holding an IronMan. So despite this being a really hard course, with hills and hot winds, it goes into the spreadsheet. As does 30 weeks of training, a week of acclimatisation to training, two weeks of mock training (to get discipline) and one month of get fit for fun. Then I add one month of Lanzarote acclimatisation, two training camps and before you know it, I have to start training in September this year. Which makes me think that London Triathlon looks jolly sensible especially as you can hire a bike for the training season for only £110! I know. Unfortunately it's all sold out so that's not happening.

But anyway, there's my year and half of next year mapped out. I then plotted the Wall Run (TBC) and Davos (distance to be chosen), the Sarsens marathon which I stumbled upon and decided to enter and my swimming lessons (still to be found). I also put a cost column including a bike but let's not talk of such foul things like money. These are dreams and dreams don't have price tags!

At no point have I questioned the sanity of doing these things. I mean we can do anything we put our mind to right? Wonder what Thursday will bring?

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