Sunday, 11 December 2011

A weekend of running

Please don't ask me what I'm doing this weekend. Not that you would because you don't exist, being my imaginary reader and all. But if you were real, don't ask me that question, because I'd cringe. Because what I do on the weekend is run. Around that, there's a little bit of this, and a fair bit of that. But it all fits around The Runs.

Saturday was 25km - this was supposed to be the big one of the weekend. I was in pretty good shape, well rested, well fed and in good spirits. Probably too good spirits. Last weekend, the prospect of back-to-back half marathons had me praying to the Running God at 4:30 Friday afternoon. This weekend I was so relaxed that I was texting friends seconds before the off and even had my camera in my hand to test out on-the-run snapping capabilities before Norway. Madness. I ran the first 10km at a good 10km race pace. Fine except I actually had another 15km to go and I crawled, ran-walked and whimpered my way through.

The day wasn't without joy however. 1) I learned to respect the distance. 2) It was bloody beautiful out there with blue skies, green and red leaves and silver frosty leaves and slippery ice puddles. 3) An old man ultra runner trotted alongside me to give me tips 4) Are you ready? Are you really ready: Chrissie Wellington ran past me. I kid you not. And yes she was amazing, of fabulous breathtaking presence and of huge smiles.


On Sunday, I ran a sensible 20km (13miles). I sat closer to the 6 minute / km mark rather than a minute faster the day before, and only looked at my watch twice. I didn't hurt anywhere, I didn't need to stop and I felt like I had more fuel in the tank if needed. I was also joined on my run by a nice chap from Ireland called Ciaran / Keiran who helped me to a nice strong finish. If you're out there Ciaran, hello! And thanks. Good luck with your sub 3 Five Marathon Masters. (I do keep terribly good company on the weekends don't I?!)

So, guess what I am doing next weekend?


  1. Another great weekend of running! That's a lotta mileage for two days, and I find it even more amazing now that I know your toe's been broken.

    Very cool that someone ran with you! I hardly get a glance, let alone a hello!

    On to next weekend! :)

  2. I know such a surprise to have someone social but they were Irish! Do you run in London too?
    Pleased with the second one though annoyed at the first run it was a good learning.
    Thanks for taking the time to read.