Saturday, 24 December 2011

Cool London things that occurred today

  1. Ran alongside the Horse Guards trotting down Birdcage Walk. At first I thought the police escort was for me.
  2. Ran through Westminster station. Twice. It's very warm in there but quicker than dodging the tourists ogling Big Ben.
  3. Exited Westminster station just as Big Ben was doing the 11am "bongs"; a beautiful sound.
  4. Bumped into @HumanRightsQC and Mrs HRQC at Blackfriars - beamed at them but didn't realise it was them. The beauty of twitter.
  5. Ran through the back streets of London Bridge and popped out on Tower Bridge Rd with the beautiful bridge ahead of me.
  6. Waved at a Chelsea Pensioner.
  7. Appeared in two tourist photos by accident - sorry!
  8. Eye-balled the Police assembling en masse outside Temple station, thinking "C'mon, give a brown girl running with a back pack a hard time and see where it gets you."
  9. Accidentally ran into Borough Market and nearly collapsed from food desire. Badly arranged.
  10. Startled by the high tide slapping up against the steps down a side alley along the north Thames Walk.
  11. Reminisced about walking the London Marathon route with the fabulous Anne Marie when she was training for Nepal and I was mostly unfit. Especially smiling at Broken Wharf.
  12. Wondered at the cool sounds that seemed to come from a Victorian prison with spooky lights and sound effects, once at the Clink and another, with sounds of the sea near Steelyard Passage.
  13. Danced in the middle of Southwark Bridge to "That's not my name" just to say I had.
  14. Ran 28km.
I also stopped in my tracks when a man walked past with two hyacinth macaws on his shoulders. This is not particularly London and not something I condone but I have never seen such big and beautiful birds close up - I actually thought there were puppets - and I was mesmerised.

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  1. I can see the sights! What a great run. You're nearly there now, happy packing! :-)