Saturday, 10 December 2011

Confessions of a sing out loud runner

This is what I sing even when the ipod isn't playing...

Alabama Arkansas I do love my Ma and Pa
But not as much as I do love you
Holy Moly Me oh My your the apple of my eye
Girl aint never loved one like you
Man o Man your my best friend I scream it to the nothingness
that we got everything we need
Hot and heavy pumpkin pie
Chocolate candy Jesus Christ
Aint nothin please me more than you
Moats and boats and waterfalls, alleyways and payphone calls
Home is whenever I’m alone with you.

Who's that (who's that) rapping?
Who's that rapping at my chamber door?
Mr. (mister) Raven!
All up in my grill like, "Nevermore."

Who's house?
Raven's house!

You know I do my best thinking when I'm flying down the bridge.
Humming to myself and kicking up my kicks

I thought I'd learned from my mistakes,
I thought he'd learned from my mistakes,
I thought you'd give me the right advice,
I thought he'd let me in for one last time.

There's only one girl in the world for you
And she probably lives in Tahiti

I'd go the whole wide world
I'd go the whole wide world
Just to find her

I should be lying on that sun-soaked beach with her
Caressing her warm brown skin
And then in a year or maybe not quite
We'll be sharing the same next of kin

Four letter word just to get me along
It's a difficulty and I'm biting on my tongue and uh
I keep stalling, and keeping me together
People around gotta find something to say now

The sun has gone down and the moon has come up,
And long ago somebody left with the cup,
But he's driving and striving and hugging the turns,
And thinking of someone for whom he still burns.

He's going the distance.
He's going for speed.
She's all alone, all alone in her time of need.

With you I'm brighter, my eyes like lighters
They shine inside my Parka

But the dogs
Don't depend on a thing
They just lick your face
When they see it end
Oh, the dogs
Don't depend on a thing
And maybe that's why
They're man's best friend

But the dogs
They give nothing at all
They just lift a leg
As they watch it end

And yet it's because of the girls
When they've knocked us about
And our tears want to shout
That we kick the dogs out

The sun goes down
The stars come out
And all that counts
Is here and now
My universe will never be the same
I'm glad you came

I'm in love with modern moonlight
128 when it's dark outside
I'm in love with Massachusetts
I'm in love with the radio on
It helps me from being alone late at night

18 years, 18 years
She got one of yo kids got you for 18 years
I know somebody payin child support for one of his kids
His baby momma's car and crib is bigger than his
You will see him on TV Any Given Sunday
Win the Superbowl and drive off in a Hyundai
She was spose to buy ya shorty TYCO with ya money
She went to the doctor got lipo with ya money
She walkin around lookin like Michael with ya money
Should of got that insured, GEICO for ya moneeey
If you aint no punk holla We Want Prenup

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