Thursday, 1 December 2011

How *you* doing?

It has felt like a tough fortnight of running. Such a last minute training schedule has meant that any further injuries and ailments mean I have had to skip that training week and move onto the next. That has made even a few of the mid-week back-to-backs tough - and they are only 13km. Thank god for the "power ballad" button on the ipod.

Also it's near Christmas when you suddenly realise you havent seen people since last Christmas so you rush round to see them so you don't feel like you have completely let your friends down. And so you sneak in the odd glass of wine. Oh what an I saying, I feel so freaking healthy I would have a glass of wine at breakfast just for the chance of feeling a bit dirty! But social norms frown on that sort of behaviour so I'm all up for a tipple over lunch. Only I'm pretty slight of build and wth low blood pressure and a low alcohol tolerance and a tendency to forget to drink water, I think that a couple of glasses of wine really do slow me down the next day or get me walking home a little bit tipsy.

So I've put the wine glasses away for the next few weeks (ok maybe the odd tipple) and found myself a cafe that does mocktails and milkshakes so I can still sip something in an glamorous glass for the festive season. And I'll put in some extra stretching and swimming sessions to complement the running. And make a conscious effort to drink litres of water and eat peanuts and bananas like my life depends on it.

This better pay off..!

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