Monday, 1 April 2013

Overwhelm Phase

I was going to write a blog post on how overwhelmed I am, but Fran has written an ever better post on this so clearly Overwhelm is a phase that aspirational 70.3 girls go through!

I'll attempt to keep this blog post focussed - unlike my mind - in an attempt at therapy and use bullet pointsd.

Things I am overwhelmed about:

  • How much emotional and moral support I need to get through this training
  • How fast the weekend cyclists are compared to me
  • Whether or not I will make the cut off time on the bike
  • How much emotional and moral support I demand to get through this training
  • Is my training getting in the way of my relationship with my step son?
  • Why have I chosen to do Blackpool Half marathon?
  • How much is training affecting my relationship
  • When am I going to have time to fundraise?
  • The logistics of the next three back to back weeks with Mallorca visit and half marathon race to balance, and a sportive. 
  • How much emotional and moral support I crave to get through this training
  • What does Jon think about this?
  • Is my training getting in the way of my friendships?
  • Will I have a job after October?
  • How can I worry about a stupid triathlon when great people have cancer and IDS is on the loose. 
  • Will I hit my fundraising target
  • What if I don't make the fundraising target. 
  • What is my back up race?
  • Will I use cleats and clip in pedals
  • What will I wear on race day?
  • How will I tackle the descents
  • Will I make Jon proud? Will he show it? Will I think he shows it enough?
  • Does anyone know how hard this is?
  • Does anyone anyone know how hard this is for my puny unathletic body?
  • Does anyone care?
  • Does it matter if someone does care or not?
  • I am so scared of failing.
  • Why am I writing a blog post when I could be doing pilates or strength training?
  • Why did I not do pilates or strength training today?
  • Have I made enough to do lists and what is next on the to do list. 
  • Is it ok to be scared? Does anyone know how scared I am? 
  • Have I packed all my food to get through two training sessions in between work? 
  • When is the next rest day? 
  • Will I be able to run Blackpool Half on these feet? If not, will it matter?
  • What is the point of cycling?
  • What is the point. 
I think you get the idea. And none of that was exaggerated for effect. 

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