Sunday, 28 April 2013

Process goals

Following on from the brilliant Ironplanner race resume, I now present to you the concept of process goals, mantras, themes and magic from the same book. A process goal is a specific rule you make for yourself that address only things you have control of (so nothing to do with weather or time). The aim is to give you things to focus on based on technique... Based on their examples I've come up with these, which will probably be written on my transition bags!

Swim process goals:

  • Calm glide
  • Sit high in water
  • Arms land at shoulders width

Transition 1

  • walk out of water calmly
  • drink and eat
  • Make my skin comfortable
  • Use the loo!


  • calm start
  • Fuel every 30 minutes
  • Be prepared for the climb

For the climb 

  • Patient steady climb, looking down and pedalling
  • don't stop
  • Feed at top

For the descent

  • Light braking with reason
  • Keep right
  • Calm and reasonable - I am in control


  • Be calm, take time and stretch
  • Fuel and drink
  • Make me skin comfortable. 


  • Take food and fuel every 30 minutes
  • Steady first half
  • reason with pain, what's really the problem?
  • Smile

My mantras:

  • Run: Light, easy, smoothe. 
  • Till I collapse
  • Just keep swimming
  • For the descent: I'm confident and in control. 
  • Up hill: I think I can, I know I can
  • Swim: glide, calm
  • Run: tippy tappy tippy tappy
  • Smile. Enjoy. 
Race theme: ironplanner suggests you create a theme for the day which makes it sound enjoyable rather than scary! So.. 
The swim is like a Swimtrek holiday adventure, exploring new Mediterranean islands.  The bike is a climb to the best views and a fun and relaxing descent towards beautiful villages. The run is alongside my loved ones to bask in the crowd's support. At the end is a beginning to a new adventure. 

My magic: (for energy boosts)

  • lungs that can breathe easily and calmy
  • Cool breeze that takes the heat away
  • Laughter that erases pain
  • Lightness so my legs feel nothing. 

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