Saturday, 27 April 2013

Race resume

The excellent book Ironplanner recommends doing a race resume to total up your experience and keep you calm and focussed when you panic that you have not done enough. 

I've not yet totalled up all my training mileage but here's my Race Resume to date... 

Rowena Harding: Ironman Mallorca 70.3 Race resume

Objective: Finish 70.3 distance before the cut off times

Swim camp in Lanzarote with Swim for Tri: 7 days, 7 swims
Technique lessons with Uswim in open water and 50m pool
Coaching with Ironman Nice finisher
Watt bike training session with Triathlon Online
Bike coaching session with Niklas Cook
Seminars: Chrissie Wellingotn, Andy Mouncey
Running School lessons
19 weeks of coached training

4 marathons: 2 road and 2 off road
1 Ultra of 32+ miles
Can run for more than 6 hours!
Half marathons: road and trail
1 sprint tri
1 duathlon: off road
Eton 750m open water race
60 mile sportive

Personal attributes:

  • Commitment: I stuck to training plans during holidays, personal life, change
  • Mental strength: I won’t give up and  I preserver through physical fatigue and keep smiling
  • My spirit doesn’t tell the time: I focus on what I can achieve
  • I am brave and I have performed outside my comfort zone many times. 
  • I am determined to finish and stubborn
  • I can prove I can do long endurance events. 
  • I can be very positive in the face of adversity. 
  • I don’t panic in open water or mass swim starts. 
  • I run negative splits. 


  • I have rode over nearly all of the Ironman Mallorca bike course twice on roads open to traffic, in warm weather, with little fuel and using clip ins for first time. I have also tackled some of the course with cross winds. 
  • I have swum the Ironman Mallorca swim course and swum in the water whenb cold, and choppy with wind. 
  • I have swum in dark cold open water at Lakeside, Eton (with fog in the morning!) and Salford. 
  • I have run flat hot roads including part of the Ironman Mallorca course, Berlin in 27C and Athens. 

Even if I finish last, I will be a finisher. 
I am one of a small number of women who compete in this sport
Once I have completed the distance, no one can take that way. 
This will be the hardest physical and mental athletic challenge I have completed
I have learned things about myself and I will learn more about myself
I have raised awareness and funds based on my beliefs and values
I have committed to the training thorough a lot of change. 
A lot of people believe in me and have invested in me. 

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