Sunday, 31 March 2013

How far?

The very observant Fran pointed out that when you start telling someone you are doing a half ironman the distance becomes meaningless to mere mortals, like when you start talking of trillions of debt or billions of corporate tax avoidance. Ahem. I recently heard Ironholgs talk to an audience in Manchester explaining that his full iron swim would take him from here to say the Trafford Centre, his bike would take him to Dumfries, or something scary like that. It mightily impressed me so I thought I would try the same in my fundraising emails.

I was a bit disappointed that the swim distances seemed to small - it felt like I was swimming around the world. But the bike distances made me want to crawl into bed!

For the folk at work, the swim was from our offices to Old Trafford, then a ride to Lancaster and a run to the edge of the Lake District. For the Londoners, it was swimming from Swiss Cottage station to Lords Cricket ground, cycling to Brighton then running to Worthing. And in Perth, swimming from the WACA to Forrest Chase, then cycling to Pinjarra (not many towns to choose from to be fair!) and then running almost as far as Dwellingup...


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  1. Oh my word - I had done the London to Brighton distance calculation in my head, but putting it together with the rest is... ulp.