Friday, 19 April 2013

Three weeks to go

Three weeks of to do lists, meal planning, getting bags with the right kit, changing my timetable for open water sessions, having run stuff for wherever my bike ride ends. Three weeks of travel logistics,bike handling practise, making sure I have enough fuel ordered, that my race clothes work (why no tri laces for Kinvara 2!), that I have prescriptions (yes doctor I need an inhaler for each transition). Three weeks of training - including two weeks of taper madness.
Thankfully something echoes from the words of wise triathletes on twitter (cheers traight talkers Viv Slack and James Coldicott).
In these three weeks I will attempt to deliver:
  • one perfectly focussed mentally perfect brick (30 + 10) this Sunday - dropping the Sportive down to a 30. Maybe.
  • one more hard yet fun group cycle with Team Glow - next Sunday's D ride
  • one mentally awesome pool swim - Swimathon weekend next Friday
  • lots of open water fun - starting this Saturday for water temperature acclimisation and ending with race distance perfectly executed before swimming back in Mallorca's clear seas
  • fun runs on trails - preferably with Jon
  • lots of bike handling practise - through the cones, pick up drink bottles!
  • really energised strength and conditioning sessions: put the effort into the final rep, set and core rip!
  • hot pilates for stretch, relaxation and heat acclimitisation
  • lots of time into eating well, beefing up the immune system
  • and even more time into mental prep, typing up my visualisation plans, getting my spectator plans prepared, logistics and of course getting the very important fundraising started. Yes I haven't actually started!
That should keep me busy then!?


  1. You could be me, I've just sat here and booked my bike on the plane, got some travel insurance (including my kit), renewed my BTF membership, renewed my BRAT membership, brought all my nutrition, booked my bike in for a service, ordered a white compression and running top (to reflect the sun off me) and now I'm going to look for a white cycling top! It's all go Rowena!

  2. Go go go! You can do all those things. It's so exciting - I have butterflies on your behalf. x

  3. I've ordered laces (can't find any to fit stupid shoes!), anti fog, wondering whether I need a spare pair of goggles, or that is being too organised! Ordered nutrition, physio on return, hoping to receive clothes in mail today so I can test it all! Fran, if you're not careful I will give you action points to do!