Wednesday, 30 January 2013


It's time to blog so I thought I would fill you all in on my coaching. It's going very well. They have a great online system that I log into, and get all my training plans and I can move activities around within a week, log my feedback and click a few drop downs on some key information including how much of the session I completed. I love the ease of the website use.

The sessions themselves are pretty easy to follow. The running is dead easy to understand. The swimming is probably a little more easy than some other plans I have tried. Though a few swim sets have typos which require me to check the maths! The strength and conditioning section is well laid out though a little fiddly in practise when you have to look at what you're doing, watch the video then do it. They do include written instructions and videos for nearly all exercises which include plyometrics, stretching and small weight work. The cycling is easy to understand as well and that and the run are tailored to your specific heart rate, which is set through some threshold tests.

This is the closest I've come to official coaching before and I am quite pleased. It was good when I got to meet them the other weekend as I could chat informally (does everyone they coach do every session 100% perfectly?) and get some additional information on why things like heart rate matters so much.
So far I would heartily recommend them to anyone, they are very good at coming back to you quickly across a range of subjects (nutrition, tiredness, equipment) though of course like any paranoid woman I'd love more feedback (or is that reassurance?!).

In person, James and Matt are very personable and impressed both Beardy Guy and myself with their knowledge. And we are very hard to impress.

Oh and money - we know that triathletes never have enough money so it's £12.50 per week on silver service with a £75 set up fee. There are different prices for base training and build training too. Definitely worth checking out though I suspect you will want to see my race results first!

Read all about 'em here.

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  1. This sounds really good. My training programme is on a similar system, I think, but I would have to pay extra for access to a coach - I wonder if it would be worth, it though. There is a logging site, and my sessions for today and tomorrow are emailed to me at 1am! I follow the programme(ish - do the best I can, basically! I hope the answer to your informal chat question was 'no!') - but actually log my sessions on a different training log website that I've been using for a while. Honestly, I still feel like quite a fraud having actual sessions that sound so complicated. It's obviously working, though, because I'm seeing improvements and my confidence is going up. I think have an online programme/coach structure is worth it just for that!