Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Not tri related!

But I wanted to tell you what I did in a spare lunch break - one where I wasn't stretching, doing pilates, on the stationary bike or going for a run or squeezing in a dropped swim set. I went to visit Freedom from Torture (who I am doing the half ironman for), with an old laptop. It's heavy enough to do weights training with and you can go make a cuppa while waiting for it to start up. But apparently it's still useful to someone. That someone is Davide, a survivor at Freedom from Torture who wants to improve his English. He's also a keen musician and a poet. I'm delighted that my laptop has found a home and also a use and I look forward to finding out more about Davide to share with you.

Here's a poem Davide wrote called: Do you know my beautiful village?

He says he regrets he will never see it again.

Connais-tu mon beau village
Qui se mire au clair ruisseau
Encadré dans le feuillage
On dirait un nid d’oiseau
Ma maison parmi l’ombrage
Me sourit comme un berceau
Le coq chante, le jour parait
Tout s’éveille dans le village
Pour que le bon couscous soit prêt
Femme debout et du courage (du cœur a l’ouvrage)
Pilons, pom-pom, Pilons gaiement
Pilons, pom-pom, Pilons gaiement
Connais-tu mon beau village
Qui se mire au clair ruisseau…


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