Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Listen to coach

So I bought myself a coach for Christmas. Well actually my fabulous mum who is sponsoring my triathlon endeavours from a far, bought me a coach for Christmas. Thanks Ma. 

So first of all, why a coach? Well, living Oop North while a fertile training ground of rolling hills and challenging peaks, is far away from, well anywhere. And until I get a license to drive , training with Manchester Tri Club or indeed anywhere in the city, was starting to get logistically challenging, despite The Beardy Guy's excellent chauffeuring. I was also feeling a bit like I had reached a plateau in swimming - actually I felt I wasn't going anywhere in the water! And the whole thing was getting a bit lonely. I'd always envisaged having a partner in crime who lived and breathed my every split time and that just wasn't possible. So on a whim on Christmas eve, I stumbled on a coach via google and sent them a message along the lines of "so how good are you, really?" That they called back immediately to answer the question led me to believe they had the right level of efficiency I was after. So I snaffled up 20 weeks of coaching on Christmas day to start on New Year's Eve. Oh yes, no rest for the wicked. 

They met my deadlines and emailed me on Christmas Day itself which goes to show that they are just as tri-obsessed as I am, which is a good start when looking for a coach no?!

I guess I should answer the question of how to choose a coach but as the above vignette shows, I wasn't particularly scientific. Yes location, experience, all good but there has to be that click of what you want personally, whether it's personality or in my case ruthless efficiency!

I absolutely love having a training plan at the moment so I am going to post a bit about that in the future as well as a good solid feedback of my experience with Triathlon Coaching. But for now, I've got to get my stats and training report logs to get over to my coach! Ah the beauty of now being accountable!

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