Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Nag me nag me nag me.

Hello reader. I need you to help me. Don't need no messages of lovely training support (though they are always welcome) and you don't have to give me money for my charity of choice (though of course that will always be welcome!) but I need you to make sure I blog!

Last year, running the London Ultra for Freedom from Torture raised awareness of this fabulous charity to hundreds of people who probably would have never heard of their work. This year I'll be tackling a half ironman for them so I need you to nag me to start blogging. You don't even need to commit to reading my posts, just poke, tweet, shout, mither (see how northern I am) or comment if I am not posting stuff online.

I want to tell you all about my experience as a volunteer and supporter of Freedom of Torture and why that's motivation enough to swim 1.2 miles, ride 55 and run 13.1. So give me a push if there isn't an update by the end of this week please.

This post was drafted in my head while doing the easy portion of a 2km swim set. Get me. Not just a triathlete in training but a multi tasking one at that. Ooh.


  1. If you were writing this in your head while swimming, you don't need much nagging... yet. I'm standing by however... to chew, chew, CHEW on your sorry legs if they should stop moving! :-)

  2. Hey Hennie - thanks so much for the pressure, it's just what I need. I'm going to draft tomorrow's blog tonight now :)