Wednesday, 23 January 2013

I am so excited

It's something like five weeks and four days to go.. not that I am counting. I've had a rest day and used it to organise the home gym, the inspiration wall and read pages of the fab book Iron Planner. I've started looking at what tshirts I want my family and support crew to wear. I am going to meet my coach on the weekend and I am going to have my first watt bike test. I am more obsessed than usual - yes it's possible - and I completely forgot to compose a blog while swimming. Instead I wrote a list of things I want to blog about but won't get time to.

So as a note to myself I want to blog about:
  • my winter bike ride - as requested by Bart
  • being coached
  • my swim camp
  • strength training and my opinionated opinions
  • why I love pilates
  • the fab Team Glow
  • learning to cycle: cycling for dummies
  • Kielder duathlon
  • riding to Holmfirth
  • how to put together a blessed Thule bike rack
  • making the transition from Grover to Red - my hybrid and road bike
  • my first long night ride
  • the importance of support
  • Freedom from Torture in the North West and why they matter
  • Ennderdale 25k trail race and Jon's ultra
  • New Year's Day open water swim
Phew. Exhausted thinking about it all! I'll have to add blogging into my training schedule. Actually I have a separate wall planner (you can never have too many eh My Sharky?!) that is for non-training related training stuff. Yes that makes sense to me. Like testing the wetsuit on a long swim, testing my fuel, practising a tyre change mid long ride, printing out my paperwork, setting all my watches, writing out my visualisation etc. Fortunately the IronPlanner creates lists of all these things so I can tick them off. I'm so excited I don't know where this post is going now so I will end here. Feel free to vote for which blog posts I should tackle first as motivation to do them!


  1. LOVE IT! I can feel the excitement you have for this, sounds like a brilliant year ahead.

  2. I can't wait for you to write these entries - this one was pretty inspiring by itself, just because of the energy in it. I've just ordered a copy of Iron Planner. Nothing better than lists and planners (apart from ticking things off lists and planners.

  3. Thank you Martin! Great to have you along for the journey!

    Francoise, I enjoy your posts too. If you are as silly as me about planning then you will love Ironplanner. I can't find the online spreadsheets but actually scribling in the book was ace - also I can give it to the other half on race day so he knows exactly what to do! And the visualisation instructions in it are ace.