Thursday, 6 October 2011

It's all in the mind

Well it feels like a long time since I've blogged and my two regular readers might be wanting updates. So, the new Ultra training plan is helping marvellous much. It feels very achievable (especially now I got the nice man from Finance to calculate my percentage increases each month in a spreadsheet). And it feels like I've cut that elephant into pieces. So that's one mental box ticked.

Then there's the other mental issues that come with just not having my fitness where I want it. So I'm reading a hippy sounding book called Running Within and have some affirmations and trigger words. Yep. Affirmations are things you say to yourself when the negativity or bad stuff creeps in. And trigger words are things you say to yourself to remind yourself to correct any bad habits. What you want to know what mine are? Cringe... Okay.

  • I get fitter every day. (See what I did there, not "my fitness is crap and I have a long way to go, but a positive reinforcement of what I can do.)
  • I can tackle anything I put my mind to.
  • When I reset I come back stronger. (So, sometimes when I run distance, I walk, especially at aid stations. I don't call this weakness, I call this a reset. And when I have timed my running runs against my runs with resets, no overall time is lost. Because you've gathered yourself to come back stronger.
  • The pain is just a reminder of how hard I am trying.
  • My legs are light and dynamite. (This is for when I have really dead legs).
  • I love hills
My trigger words are "glide", "tippy tappy" (a reference to raramuri running style) and my trigger action is to smile when it's hard and laugh when it hurts.

I know it sounds silly, and I am not really a natural convert but the smiling absolutely helps, as does giving permission to set reset breaks.

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  1. Clearly ultra running is very similar to Hypnobirthing. It's all in the mind and if you repeat the affirmations enough, it doesn't hurt!

    Can't remember many of my affirmations during that long January day but I think they included (cringe!):

    - birthing my baby with joy
    - I can do this
    - breathing out the pain
    - one step closer

    Good luck with your training. Lots of pancakes at breakfast time x