Sunday, 23 October 2011

Toe woes

Anyone would think this blog is all about feet. In a way it is. It's about feet that run, and then there was all the oversharing of pompholyx and now we have toe woes! Yes I've managed to break my little toe all very accidentally and incidentally. I sort of bumped into my personal trainer who's an awfully big body building dude. My toe wasn't so happy about this.

It felt a bit like blood was running out of it but as I was wearing Vibram Five Fingers at the time I figured I would know if that was the case pretty quickly. So off we went and I did my PT session. The next day, it was blue at the base and with some crazy tiny bruises on both side.

The SRO says there isn't much you can do with a broken toe - especially a little one. Apparently it's only a big toe one needs. So armed with arnica and ibuprofen off I went and ran on it. I can't forefoot strike and my other leg is mega compensating but it's just one of those things.

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