Friday, 28 October 2011

Back to back

Gosh this blogging, fundraising, profile raising thing is quite tiring, especially if you don't know if you have an audience. I found another possible reader today though so let's try and make an effort.

The back-to-back runs seem to be going well, which is really saying something considering my toe is currently pointing due south.

This was my first week of a new training schedule (note: I revise my training schedule every 45 minutes) which contains four days of running (a back-to-backs midweek and on the weekend.). Along with personal training, that's five mornings where I get up early with the sole intention of training. That's not so difficult, what's really challenging is 1) making sure my laundry is turned around in time at the right time 2) making sure I have adequate clothes to wear when I run into work.

If you've ever run into work, you'll know that the best best is to bring your office clothes the day before, be all organised and check off socks and pants and such like. No one wants a pant dropping out of their camelbak on the Edgeware Road. Only as I do this on two successive days, I have to remember a few days in advance to have all the bits and pieces one needs. It's a a logistic nightmare, I tell you. Also if the weather changes I'll be left in a summer frock while the snow falls around me and forced to wear a hybrid of said frock with less than fresh running gear to get home without frost bite.

A veritable mine field. On Monday, I am literally moving half my wardrobe to the office. Expect there to be pants everywhere.

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