Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Cycling for female beginners

Here’s some things that no one will tell you girls but if you’re completely new to cycling this is what you need to know. And I’ve learned it all the hard way!

  • Apparently you don’t wear pants under your cycle shorts. This in itself tells you that you will need more than one pair!
  • There is such a thing as female specific bike shorts. And yes it does feel different.
  • Chamois cream is a cream you put on your bits to aide with friction. It doesn’t matter if you have a chamois or not, or that it’s not a leather chamois any more. It’s called chamois cream!
  • You can also get a repair cream for afterwards. I’m testing brands of chamois and repair now and will report back in coded language!
  • If you’re swimming and biking a lot, and prone to dehydration, KY jelly may be your best friend. Just don’t buy a tonne of it on Valentine’s Day like I did…
  • Haemorrhoid cream is good for inflammation anywhere. Apparently. Reported to me by a cyclist in the know.
  • Assos chamois cream has mintiness in it. Oh yes, menthol bits.
  • Your cycle shorts are supposed to be really really really tight. All sizing will go out the window.
  • Apparently you should not wax and then go straight into a cycle or other hot sweaty activity. Again, this one was reported to me.
  • You can get a women’s bike fit; we are different shaped!
  •  You can never pay too much for comfort - get the decent bike shorts. 
  • Wearing bib shorts you will feel a bit like a page three girl. 

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