Monday, 18 June 2012

What I learned on my first tri

For absolute complete newbies who decided to enter a tri in a whim, don't want to spend a lot of money but want to have fun!
  • Don't be intimidated by everyone looking pro and having crates for all their stuff. And triceps. 
  • A race belt is easier than safety pins but your number will flap
  • Wear your sports bra under your bathers. This might seem really obvious but as I had been reading so much about long distance events, you have a slow transition where you might change clothes! Not so the sprint.
  • You can never lube your neck enough. Use Body glide not baby oil if you want to keep your wetsuit.
  • Be one of the first girls / people in your wave to test the water, go down and put some in your suit. Get used to it much earlier esp your feet and hands. I found this gave me confidence. 
  • A towel to stand on is useful but sitting down to put on socks and shoes is quicker! Get tri / lock laces and older (open) comfy socks.
  • Take a moment to walk not run if you get out of the swim a bit dizzy.
  • Use a distinct bit of material tied to the rack to help you find your bike or spot.
  • Never be in a high gear when you might come off your bike; impossible to get it going again!
  • Tackle hills like a runner: head down, low gears, high cadence, sit down and pedal pedal pedal. You will beat any big muscly or fat guy!
  • Don't worry about your bike too much. I rode on a hybrid and was constantly swapping places with a guy on the most beautiful machine ever. And he would have had at least a 10 minute head start on me
  • Get your heart rate down on the last bit of the bike so you can be ready to run when you get off.
  • Decathlon do great cheapish bike shorts with padding. I swam in boy short all-in-one swimmers from sports direct, threw the bike shorts on top then ripped them off. I used the same shoes for bike and run, low profile and minimalist kinvara, normal running shoes were too chunky.
  • Get your bike set up perfect, almost so you can't touch the floor with your toes to avoid sore knees when running.
  • The running will feel like the hardest 5km ever!
  • Don't try and do anything one handed when wheeling your bike into transition. You may be wobblier than you think!
  • Don't freak if you can't understand the race briefing. the marshalls are great. I thanked every one I passed. 
  • Enjoy it!

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