Sunday, 10 June 2012

Mermaid ahoy

It's very remiss of me to blog about something so exciting as my first swim race in Open Water but you know, there was a lot going on that month. 

There's a fabulous blog post by Diminutive Runner who did the 1500m swim along with Becs Owen Gardner - both on twitter and worth following - so I shall keep this short. 

Can you spot me?!

I'd really recommend doing it if you're nervous about swimming. I was only a little nervous about being in my first open water swim race but not of the water. I'd spent a considerable amount of a previous weekend in a dingy lake and in the wrong kind of wetsuit! 

I rushed down a bit late, threw my stuff at someone very obliging (hint for wearers of glasses, bring a case) and jumped in, swimming around gently while waiting for the delayed start. 

I used the cables connecting the buoys underwater to help sight and off I went. 

I was amazed not to come last at all and in fact finish in 17 minutes which I was very pleased with given that I had only had six lessons in front crawl!

My new wetsuit - hired from Hire A Wetsuit - was comfy, I got a medal and a swim cap - what wasn't to love?!

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