Saturday, 16 June 2012

Learning to ride

I went out cycling today to Gladstone Park and round the hills and corners to get some handling practice and to work out what gears were for. I figured if I stayed in a really high gear then my legs had to push harder so this would be good training. Uh no. I ended up with really sore knees later in the day.

Thanks Pasty Pistons for correcting me on that and pointing out that hills are best conquered with a low gear and high cadence.

This time round Gladstone Park I made it up all the hills (no slowing right down, veering sideways then coming off) and managed to coast down some hills without too much tight gripping of the brakes. I did audibly talk to myself the whole way down "you're doing great Rowena, well done". Thankfully there are few people there at 7am!

Bring on more confidence and I might just like this biking thing.

My bike: It doesn't have the bag carrier on the back anymore. Or the drink holder. 

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