Saturday, 21 April 2012

What am I up to...

Yes I've been very bad at blogging lately and trying but not really achieving to back blog my race reports. So what have I been doing? 

Well we've had an ITB twinge, a gland inflection along with swollen glands and abcess (ew) and generally a Michelin-man-like inner body. Did you know humans have so many gland? I'm much better now but my kidneys, mouth and upper body still ache and throb. Currently I am chock full of antibiotics and have fancy French painkillers so I am swelling my way through testing my new Saucony Kinvara3. They are the light at the end of my tunnel!

I'm supposed to be running the Saracens Trail marathon on 6 May and haven't run a half since 1 April... And I would like to do Sport Relief's Mile swim on 27 April but I've not been allowed to get in a pool for a week. 

Training starts 1 May so I must be careful at the marathon to not over work any joints or muscles (ha ha) and in fact this coming fortnight where the temptation could be to squeeze in as much running and swimming as possible to prepare for those two events is only going to threaten an already weak immune system. 

So the plan is to pootle about running and swimming as much as I can for fun but not for endurance and hope my deep endurance fitness exists somewhere and will rise to the surface! And then cross my fingers for the swim - there doesn't seem to be any  major rules about how long you can "rest" at each turnaround. And employ a run walk strategy for the hills in Wiltshire. And eat a hell of a lot of Vitamin C and Zinc supplements. 

Wish me luck! Or most importantly, wish me good health!

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