Friday, 6 April 2012

"The getting back into training" training plan

"Ooh I'm a bit tired and lazy" should be my motto for the last few weeks. Where has my mojo gone? I'm keen to go out for a bike ride, run or swim, but I can't be bothered actually making the effort to get out there. And so the idea of even sticking to a spreadsheet full of sets, reps and bricks makes me shudder.

Some brief analysis otherwise known as lying awake at night suggests I am perhaps working too hard. Ooh I like this one. I had disciplined myself during ultra training to only give work "so much" and still more than adequately get the job done. Now it's over and perhaps triggered by a slow onset emergency that we're covering at work, I've sort of expanded to fill space and am giving more than I need to. Hence less energy at the end of the day for some laps of the pool or pilates.

So this weekend is bootcamp weekend. I shall:
  • reset my work mind
  • put training time into my work diary
  • create a simple "back to training" training plan focussing on swim, bike and strength and conditioning
  • reclaim the mornings (I get to work half an hour earlier than my boss and 1.5 hour earlier than my team!)
  • get my bike ready for actions
  • take up a month pass at the swimming pool
  • so some fun dance classes
  • organise my gym kit
  • and get better at blogging as that helps me focus my mind.
Milestone are:
  • entries open in May so I need to be pretending to be fit
  • training plan starts in September where I need to be able to do the bike and swim almost distances in a pool or on a flat but with less intensity / speed / breaks
If I don't do this over this fabulous four day weekend we have got, can someone please kick me.

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