Monday, 23 April 2012

Running for over 50s
Saturday 26 May 11am Parliament Hill Cafe.

What is it? A gentle 45min introduction to running with a qualified Run England Run Leader to raise money for the charity Freedom from Torture

Why do it? It’s fun – and running is cheap. And it can be great for confidence and mental health.

Can I do it? Yes anyone can run. It doesn’t matter if you can’t run very far, or haven’t run for years. This will be a gentle introduction with tailoring for people with different abilities and experience.

If you a heart condition, asthma, or any other condition where you are allowed to do light exercise then please come down. I’ll be asking for health updates before we start so I know who to look out for!

When I started running I could only run a little at a time and I wasn’t at all a sporty person. In 3 years I’ve finished three marathon distances, one ultra race of 53km and run a half marathon in the Arctic Circle. So yes anyone can do it! Check out the Goalden Girls for more inspiration. 

What will it involve? First of all it’s not like bootcamp or British Military Fitness. It’s friendly, fun and easy to achieve. We’ll start with warm up exercises in a small group before brisk walking, some light running, drills and a cool down. There will be variations for experienced runners and walkers-only.

What should I wear? Clothes you are comfortable in eg track suit, shorts, lycra etc are fine. Layers are best in case you get hot exercising but cool down quick.

Who’s running this? Rowena is a local group member at Hampstead and High Freedom from Torture. She is a qualified Run England Run Leader and has experience in helping people new to running become active.

Do I need to book?: You can email or text 07985 198 770 to let me know you are coming. Feel free to contact me with any questions. This event is to raise funds for Freedom From Torture’s work so a donation of £10 is welcome. If you just turn up on the day that’s ok too.

Saturday 26 May 11am Parliament Hill Cafe.


  1. What a good idea Rowena, well done you for organising it. It's a shame I'm "up north" as they say but I hope you get plenty of participants. :)

  2. Thanks John - I'm really looking forward to it. Should be a good day!