Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Asics run club

A little post about the Asics run club in case anyone stumbles on this blog and wants to do it - in a nutshell: the people are very friendly and welcoming but it's good for experienced runners too.

It takes place every Monday from the Asics store near Oxford Circus and is led by a very friendly and professional runner called Eric Dol. We were also accompanied by his colleague Vlad. Yes, as in The Impaler, but I am sure he gets that all the time. And he was too nice to be an impaler.

Anyway, another lady joined us and while she said she was a bit slow, she went off quite strong, so Eric ran with her and Vlad kindly plodded along with me. Much nicer than Nike Run Club where you inevitably end up on your alone - especially in the dark, it was great to have company and almost like having a personal trainer! Despite running a 20mile race the day before, Eric and Woman Whose Name I Forget set a bit of distance between us, helped by the fact that I never do my laces up properly. And then can't do them up under pressure. It's like all the angst of being six all over again.

Vlad was nice and chatty and was also good at realising I was going to burst a lung and checked on me from time to time when he sense it was best to go quiet. I definitely went out harder than I normally would have if I was on my own - especially after being on holiday and then having poorly feet. Oh yes, the feet. At first they felt a bit raw but actually I got over that pretty quickly - maybe I was distracted by the pounding of my heart and squeaking of my lungs!

I think we did 5km all up around Regents Park and about (I'm not sure because I didn't wear a sports band! I know, I've been on holiday, what can I say?) before ending up back at the Asics store where you're given a money off voucher!

And it's all free. So just do it. Oh no, it's Nike that say that. And you can chat to Eric about it on twitter here.

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