Monday, 5 March 2012

To tri or not to tri?

That's not the question. Mostly because I generally don't question things. I just agree to do them and then lo and behold I've committed myself. But a lot of questioning of my sanity goes on while I train for said commitments.

Anyway, I'm deciding what actually makes me committed:
  • is it the entry fee? That won't be open till May 2012.
  • the training, that could start tomorrow
  • going to swim school?
  • buying a book on Lanzarote?
  • buying an "ironman in training" tshirt?
  • going to the triathlon show?
  • taking the dust cover off the bike?
  • looking at who flies to Lanzarote?
  • buying a wetsuit?
  • entering an open water swim?
You see there are so many moments you could ask yourself if you're committed.


  1. I think you were committed when you decided you wanted to do it too. The others are steps along the way.

  2. I agree with Lisa, you know if you're committed and I suspect you are. the rest is just the detail. What else are you going to do?! be great! :-)x