Saturday, 14 January 2012

Jog Blog Log

I should get better at "jog, log, blog" as I have seen fellow bloggers call it. So here's a few words about today's run:

32km - though I have a sneaking suspicion that my sports band is out so let's say 30km just in case. 3hr 19 minutes.

Ran in Uxbridge which was all pretty,it being blue cloudless skies streaked with jetstreams and sunny 'where are my sunglasses' shine. As the canal twisted out of the reach of the sun at times, pockets were still literally freezing, with mist hanging just above the water and crunchy grass tinted spearmint with frost. The canal itself was squid ink black, but the lakes were like pewter. And the ducks were having a field day, doing what I heard someone call "duckrobatics" sort of dive bombing the water and pretending to be flying fish.

Oh right the run, note the scenery...

Well I had a stitch for the first ten kms so I cursed like an Australian truck driver while I sorted it out. The next six kms were pretty uneventful. I must have been on autopilot as I don't remember even doing it. At the turnaround point I started making up stories in my head for amusement, I sort of dramatic soap opera where I had secretly had a child (I blame the book I was reading) and this engrossed me for 5km - especially as I had decided to run at a more free pace and less cautiously. At 25km, I actually stopped the clock as 'Doncha' by the PussyCat Dolls (I know, I know) was on my play list, so I did a little dance. This is, you may recall, my little tip for getting the energy levels high again and feeling alive. Yes it's possible with such a cheesy song. At 30km, I felt that an old lady could have overtaken me and god knows what my gait was like. My forefoot strike had flopped into anything that went forward. Those last 2kms were killers.

Somewhere in the run I was also molested by a chocolate labrador who put his nose in places I wouldn't expect on a first date, licked both my legs up and down and then got so excited that he turned in circles for ages. The people with Choc Lab didn't own him and didn't know what to do. I just stood there and took it. Goodness.

I spent a good part an hour on the floor after that, first staring into the distance unable to speak, and then actually trying to stretch.

Issues with the run:
  • Last minute food (or food within the last 2 hours) might be playing up the stitch. Certainly a jam donut should not be an option..
  • Big carb dinner and lunch wasn't enough: think I have to scoff a bit more for the days prior or take some supplements. I can't get enough food and drink in me for the miles I am doing and I've gone from a size 12 to 8 this year so must watch that.
Bring on 20km tomorrow apparently. Wah.

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