Thursday, 23 June 2011

Been there, done that

And now I've got the t shirt!!!

If you're a professional runner, it's really important that you have a running top of good fabric, well placed seams and appropriate fit. But if you're a back o' pack runner, you only need a t-shirt so people can find you five hours later, a t-shirt that your fans will spot you amongst the pack of Everyone Else, and a t-shirt and that looks good in photos.

When I run I become very patriotic in my t-shirt choice. I have even put tattoos of Australian flags on my arms and decked myself in red white and blue. A drew a line at clip on koalas, but only just. (See below in Berlin as proof.)

Technically I have even run for my country when I ran in the BUPA UK vs Australia vs Rest of the World. I lowered the national average but still, I wore the colors and you can't tell me that's not determination on my face as I approach the finish. (I can justify the water bottle on a 5km due to an upset stomach but the head band I cannot vouch for at all.)

Ahead of Athens last year there was a moment of panic when I realised I didn't have a t-shirt. I had to spend hours in Lilywhites getting something cheap, bright and slinky. I didn't have time to wear it on a long run for a test. I then bought iron on letters from Ebay only to realise I didn't have an iron. Because I had dropped it on the floor for no apparent reason. Unfortunately no Argos stories in a 10 mile radius possessed irons. Ok, I lie they had irons, but not for a tenner which after the t-shirt and iron on letter costs, was all I was willing to pay. So I had to do an outta town trip to get an iron only to afix my letters and flag all wonky on my shirt. It's a stress you don't need when putting together an epic packing list for a marathon.

But now I have a classy solution. Behold, inhale, applaud, the official Australian running shirt. With thanks to Hot Designs.

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