Thursday, 2 June 2011

The blog is back

Ah yes the blog is back. And not just because I want your money this time. That comes later...

It's because I can't run. For now. Maybe for a while. And so a blog, being public and shared with strangers, is the perfect place to wax lyrical about why I can't run.

I have, you see, a special Greek worded ailment. How appropriate. It's called pompholyx eczema, which translates as hand and bubble. How cute. Picture small children holding bubble rings to sunny skies and blowing rainbow blushed baubles skyward. Now burst that bubble.

What this means for me is a series of small "frogspawn"-like lumps on the sole of my foot clustered around lots of great big angry f-ck off weeping open, about to burst, killer tender blisters, nestled amongst broken, dry, cracked open wounds. Sorry, should have warned you: don't eat and read this post.

At first it was diagnosed as something I got in the beach of Ghana on recent holiday. That was my diagnosis. Then we thought maybes a verucca. Then the doctor, Mr Shipman of 59 Anson Road, who couldn't bother to look, confirmed such verucca. Then the lovely lady at NHS Barnet gave me some special salicylic acid and turpentine which made tears stream down my face in silent frustration. And now thanks to hours on google and a confirmation to a proper Antipodean doctor, we find I am blessed with hand and bubble foot.

I am so tempted to show you photos but people who know me might read this. Stick the word in google images.


PS there's a hashtag to follow #rowenasmankyfoot including photos. You know you want to...

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