Wednesday, 27 October 2010

The final pack list

Running stuff

Spare top, legs, socks, undies, run bra, 2 caps, 2 hair band things, 4 socks, 6 hand made limb warmers, disposable poncho, disposable silver foil warmer, Camelbak, bum bag, arm holder thing

Still to pack: running top, little back pack for holding in luggage

Misc and logs

8 safety pins, plastic bag for shoes, small tape for labelling bags, cable ties, lacky bands, adhesive labels, 2 marker pens, 2 books, Athens guide, maps, greek phrase book, 2(??) mindless books to read when stressed, torch for reading when insomnia hits, spork x2, swiss army knife, aussie tattoos, stickers, clip on koalas, euros, spare wallet, lots of credit cards


Massage gels, Rescue cream, Rescue remedy, 1 compeed blister plaster, 2 blister packs, toothbrush, tooth pasge, 19 ibruprofen, nail file, moisturiser, relaxing bath gel, amoxicillian x 4, razor, sachets of shower gel, hair brush, shampoo, lacky bands, hair clips, plastic airport bags, sachet of sunscreen (2), Vaseline (2), anti chaffing gel (sachet), wet wipes, glide, vitamins (multi, fish oil, bone bilding stuff), nuun hydration tablets, sports beans x 2, gels x 8, arnica spray, tea tree oil, rescue remedy balm, arnica cream

Still to pack: plasters? Deodorant, ventolin and becotide, nail clippers, massage stick?? Yellow ball?? Chia seeds, limes, stretch cord


Samsung charger Europe, nokia charger, 2 euro adaptors

Still to pack: camera, batteries, mobile phone, ipod shuffle, nike sport band

Undecided: ipod nano, heart rate monitor

Other clothes

Trackie pants, sunnies, jeans, denim skirt, one nice top, black long sleeved top, 4 gaudy tshirts themed on running or Australia, bathers, Aussie scarf, spare Saucony,

Still to pack: vibram 5 fingers


  1. This is all well and good, but what I actually want to know is whether or not you've managed to iron on your letters without dropping the iron on your head!

  2. I haven't tackled that yet. I am just finishing my play list (complete with Belinda Carlise and the soundtrack to Rocky) and then after lunch I will tackle the iron. I have marked out the areas with chalk and found two flags to add.... Stay tuned.

  3. Update, I just knocked a container of tortellini all over the floor with a kettle. It's not looking good for the iron.

  4. Got an image of you finishing to the Rocky tune - although Belinda could work as well! This running appears to made you clumsy - v. quiet in the office without you although my inbox is relieved!!!

  5. I think it's the nerves. I dropped a knife near my bare feet the other day. The tshirt is covered in iron ons. Not one of them is straight. I kinda like it though. Have been pimping myself all morning, exhausting this full time comms for fundraising! Even sent pr to community newswire - you don't need an account now!

  6. I noticed that, but also have noticed that they havent done anything with the last 3 press releases I have sent them! Grrr. Hope you got there in one piece!