Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Let the carb loading begin

Last year, my special diet consisted of eating pasta the night before. I consequently bonked at 35km and struggled to finish.

This time, I have learned that I need to carb load for four days. Yes reduce my diet to carbs for four whole days! Today is day one and the ingredients are:

2 bowls of cereal
potato salad
jacket potato
pasta / rice salad
fruit loaf 4 slices
bananas 2
nuts - all day
carb drinks 2

And this is the easy day...


  1. I'll help you with the Jacket Potato!

  2. You must be eating my share of carbs! Rubbish atkins!

  3. And you're eating my share of protein! I hope a Crucnhie biscuit counts as carbs...