Saturday, 23 October 2010

Get out yer dodgy gym kit fundraiser

We've all got a secret drawer of lycra or a sports bag full of terry towelling. Now is the chance to actually get some mileage out of the dodgy gym kit you've bought over the years all in the name of charity.

Once the marathon is over, commit your organisation to a fundraising day where staff wear their dodgy gym kit for the same time it took for me to complete the marathon.

You get the uncomfortable realisation of how long the marathon is, while giving those long-forgotten leg warmers or Pat Cash style headband the most use it's had for years.

Those who don't come in gym slips donate a minimum of a fiver, those who make an effort reduce their donation to the price of a pint.

I'll even offer to come to your workplace and lead a stretch session in my old lycra ninja outfit.

And we all get to laugh at the pics afterwards.

More information about how to run this fundraising event will be posted in due course, so either sign up to the RSS feed, email me to register your interest, download a poster to get your office in the mood or visit the donations page.

Get the look: dodgy gym kit elite wear

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