Friday, 3 May 2013

Transition plans

I'm no master of this bit so thought I would write down what I think I need to do... 

Transition 1:
Ask if I have made cut off in absolute disbelief. Pump fist in air that I have. Woop and celebrate then remember I have a long way to go. 
Walk from sea to transition – remember you can’t see well!
Dislocate shoulder attempting to undo wet suit at top. After third attempt,unzip wetsuit
Remove watch and insert watch into mouth.
Rinse in showers as you walk through. 
Peel off one arm from wetsuit. Put watch on again.
Peel off other arm.
Remove wetsuit to waist.
Arrive at transition and find glasses.
Remove goggles and swim hat and put glasses on.
Rinse chaffy bits with water bottle or wipes
Quaff sports drink. Shove muesli bar in mouth. Repeat as dressing. 
Put chamois cream on everything likely to chaff get dry or itchy. 
Sit down: Shove on socks and shoes. Stand up.
Put on top full of food.
Put on race no belt.
Put on helmet.
Waddle to bike. Do up helmet. Walk to mount line. Walk over mount line.
Attempt to get on bike without wobbling as I am prone to do. Warn people I am about to wobble into them. 
Stay calm. Do not fear. Smile at fear. 

Transition 2:
Do not get emotional that your weakest section is over. Remain calm
Unclip well ahead of dismount line.
Warn anyone near me I am rubbish at dismounting or about to stop.
Dismount well clear of the dismount line.
Breathe. Hold bike steady and walk calmly to dismount line.
Throw bike into heap never to look at it again.
Remove shoes. Shove food into face. Drink. Remember where bag is.
Put cream on chaffy bits. 
Spray knees calves and feet with biofreeze.
Stretch calves, quads and wrinkle up feet.
Change top.
Move race no belt to other side.
Put on running shoes and sunvisor.
Pump fist into air, the bike is freaking over baby. 
Get out there and run. You can do this bit. Taste that medal. 

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