Thursday, 2 May 2013

Best moments

Hello. We're back typing up instructed visualisation notes from Ironplanner again. Why you ask? Well because my mind is the strongest muscle I've got, for one but also because it makes for a great diary. And also because when I am in Mallorca by myself till Jon gets there, I don't stand a chance of freaking out in the excitement of race week because I have all my mental prep written down, printed out and on my phone to remind me. 

Tonight we're looking at the best moments of my life Well some of them. the idea is that when things are going bad, these are the great things that will lift me. 

So here goes... 

  • Running my first solo 26.2 miles outside of an actual event. 
  • Running 20 miles on the final training run dehydrated for both Athens and Berlin within the 3 hour mark. 
  • Finishing my first open water swim at Eton and being stunned when I actually had a time under 20 minutes!
  • Finishing the final race in the lagoon at Swim for Tri's Lanza swim camp. 
  • Swimming part of the Ironman Lanzarote swim course with fish. 
  • Running my first sub 60 10k with Jon and getting all emotional on his t shirt. 
  • My 5km run in Leigh, Jon's home town, after a 50 mile solo ride. 
  • Jon, never giving up on us, after all we have had to go through. 
  • Being in the Power Station gym in winter hammering out two hours on the spin bike then a run on the treadmill until it closed. 
  • The first time I climbed the Col de Femenia: slow, steady and sure. Even if I fell over on the dismount! 
  • My mum phoning from her fundraising party in Australia then forgetting to hang up and feeling like I was in the room with everyone. 
  • Knowing I could wave to Jon during swimathon to get more support and then getting it. Knowing that I could count on that and how emotional it made me to be that lucky. 
  • Not being scared on the descent from Lluc. 
  • Finishing Blackpool Half feeling strong despite my biggest ever bike ride the day before and wondering how I'd even move again hours earlier. 
  • Cycling in cleats on the right hand side of the road in Mallorca like a natural!
  • Running negative splits with Jon and him telling me to slow down or that I was picking up speed! 
  • Being told that I am in vibrant color and other girls are in black and white by the man I love. 
  • Swimathon - sprinting those last two laps to make sure it wasn't over 60 minutes. 
  • Swimming 1900m at race pace in taper week to make sure my time wasn't a fluke!
  • Cycling the Mallorca bike course again - and Jon didn't even know I was out there! 

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  1. Smiled all the way through this list - such amazing achievements. You're so strong.

    And then I got to this bit and lost it: "Being told that I am in vibrant color and other girls are in black and white by the man I love."

    What support and love to have out there for such a massive race.