Saturday, 7 July 2012

Convalescing with competition urges

Let's be honest, I'm a bit of a wreck at the moment. I had an hour of gentle reformer pilates on Friday and ached everywhere the next day, needed an afternoon nap from walking up a big hill and fall into tears at the drop of a hat. Anyone's hat. 

On Friday I stopped myself from leaving the house. So what did I do? Signed up for cycle training with the council (hey I want the basics before I'm a triathlete!), signed up for lots of SkyRide Local events, registered for USwim and made pilates bookings.

I'm supposed to be resting resting and resting and then making a decision about Ironman. It kinda feels like I made the decision doesn't it?! I don't want to give it up and actually if I did, I'd have ended the only thing that doesn't seem to be changing in my life right now. It's probably not the rational way to make a decision, but it seems really important to me to keep one constant. I feel like if I didn't have the idea of Ironman to cling onto I'll lose who I am as it's the only thing left. It almost doesn't matter which I do or when, just to start the training and remind myself of who I am, because I don't recognise any other part of me right now. 

I keep telling myself that all the tiredness, patience and headmess is brilliant training for mile 65 on the bike course.  :)

Next week, I'm doing four sessions of reformer pilates. Yes four. And one swim coaching. Slow build. Slow return of me.

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  1. Hi Rowena! I finally made my way to your blog via twitter and it sounds like you've had a tough old year. I hope your move and change of life works out well for you. I was born in the North West and they're good people, so I hope they look after you.