Friday, 18 November 2011

Funky Old Oedema

Good news on the ligament front. I'm allowed to start running again. The decision (a loose variation of doctor's orders) is to run 5km on a treadmill (ugh) in the morning, followed by 5km on the road that evening, subject to the morning's run going well. The next day, if there is no pain, I'll run a half marathon. And if there is no further pain, I'll make up the back-to-back later in the week (as I was due to run 20km and 15km this weekend)

My Healer, Galina suggested 5km treadmill day one, 5km road day two, then back to training plan. My changes will allow me to test out the foot a bit more in a real ie non treadmill environment.

I'm so happy and really confident that the ligament will be ok. Now I know what's going on I can take good care of it. I've also been told to turn my feet over faster, shorten my gait, stay light when I strike and roll inwards more. Not much to think about then!

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