Thursday, 18 August 2011

See Jane Run.

Thanks to the good people at the Running School I can now share with you the before and after shots of me running... Grab some popcorn and settle down!

I had 12 lessons at the Running School. Here's what I took home from the experience:
  • How to get more power from your arms: chin to pocket, chin to pocket. My arms are more straight and my fists are loose. Gone is the ninja hands from before cutting across the body.
  • Legs hit the ground in parallel tracks, not crossing over like I am sashaying down the catwalk.
  • Legs kick back much higher and cycle as if on a bike, without the bike instead of a long oval shape and a minor lifting of the foot. Contact time with the ground is reduced - yay, less chance of knee injuries through impact. They also land under my body as a result, not somewhere else and then I have to drag the rest of me into alignment.
  • Posture: more straight up with a proud chest.
  • Work that arse: activated glutes - I was mostly running with my quads, and had a series of simple but difficult exercises to engage them.

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